Monday, August 30, 2010

Switching gears

Yesterday we drove out to visit my dear friends at the farm.  Lunch is always amazing but this corn particularly so.  It was so sweet and so Yellow...I wish I could capture the color...pure sunshine.  Oh my!

I pulled off the road on the way home to take this picture or maybe just to linger a little longer. It's looking west in the Central Valley toward the Coastal Mountains.

Am going to get back to work for a while on the Farm's the project:

And here's another one that I stitched on the train going East and need to do some more work on.  It's of a mysterious island nearby:

So life is not boring, but all that driving is kind of tiring and here's Agnes at the end of the day:


  1. i love corn and those cloths, and i feel like agnes.

  2. I know what you mean...lately the days are so full, maybe it is due to harvest time approaching. I think you work a lot harder than Agnes too!

  3. Suzanna, this is a delight to read. I am taken with the subtle shades of the island piecework. Cool and refreshing, yet warm at the same time. We, too, are eating the most wonderful corn at the moment. Amazing how delectable fresh corn is. Gilly

  4. Hi Gilly, thanks for visiting! I have 2 more ears of this corn to go and am just about ready for dinner. A mouth watering thought. The island pictures were taken one a day...showing the different weather moods...all stitched together...

  5. I do love Agnes! And are enjoying fresh corn here, too. We sometimes have a corn feast and
    that's all for dinner. Those clouds are soothing.

  6. Hi Patty, Oh the corn...I ate the last of it last night...I would like to grow my own but there isn't room, so I am really grateful for the farmers...

  7. Little Agnes looks so peaceful....travelling is hard.
    I love your blue woven cloth you are working on and the photo you took from the side of the road is lovely.
    Yummy....nothing like freshly picked sweet corn on the cob. My mouth is watering.

    Jacky xox

  8. Hi Jacky...thanks for visiting. Your Switzerland photos are great...I love seeing the horses! Agnes approves of your travels and says, be sure to get plenty of rest...

  9. Suzanna...thanks very much for including the
    pic of the horizon assuming it was
    north of you?...the farm?
    your one piece reminded me of something
    i'd started way at the beginning of Cloth
    to Cloth... so more thanks for that....
    regards to the Nurses as always,

  10. Hi Grace! The nurses are having to wait in line so I can catch up on the other cloths...all of them are clamoring for attention...good thing a holiday is coming up...