Thursday, August 19, 2010

An unusual visitor

This pigeon appeared in my yard one afternoon recently.  Right next to the aviary where the doves, Edgar and Molly, live.  The pigeon looked serenely up at me and seemed to be enjoying pecking around for seeds.  Then I noticed he/she had bands on the ankles.  I thought, hmmm...perhaps I should do something...perhaps he/she belongs to I resolved to think more seriously about it, not knowing quite what I ought to do.  The next morning he/she popped up on the fence and looked directly at me as Agnes (dog) and I were heading out to the was quite a look and I resolved that if the pigeon made another appearance, I would capture it (how??) and ask someone what to do.  Well, it didn't reappear...probably a wise decision, as Agnes' welcoming statement might have meant The End, and my next door neighbor has a cat, but in the meantime he/she posed quite grandly for this photo, and I feel that the visit was a blessing.


  1. Yes, a visit from a free flying bird is a blessing. Maybe your visitor will drop in again?

  2. My parents had a pigeon with a band land in their yard for a couple days too. They felt quite honored by the visit. :)

  3. Elizabeth and does feel like an neighbor thought it might be someone's homing pigeon...there's been no sign of him/her for a couple of days now, but I'm on the lookout anyway...