Monday, August 23, 2010

Update on the Nurses

Here is Nurse #1.  She's almost done...just needs something around the edges.

And here is Off Duty Nurse.  She's been having a good time and just needs a little more stitching and a cover-up for the back.  There's another Nurse in the works...maybe two, and I'll do a new posting really soon, I think. 

I've been experimenting with the font size, wanting it to be easy to far there haven't been any complaints, but I'd welcome feedback...

Enjoy these last few days of summer everyone...:)


  1. i love your beasts....
    i am back. sort of. ha!

  2. Hi Jude!!! Welcome back...yay!

  3. Hi there Suzanna- it is just great to see how the nurses have developed. They are fantastic colorful characters. How a child would love them on their bedroom walls to watch over them at night, or to be taken out of a special place to hold when the child isn't feeling well. They are great. Thanks for visiting my blog. The blog has helped so much directing my thoughts and energy. I'll become a follower of you! Very glad jude is back too. Re. grandmothers - well how much they have to offer the world.... xGilly

  4. Hi Gilly! I'm so glad to hear from you and be able to keep in touch via blogland!!!

  5. suzanna...i keep wanting to ask
    why nurses?
    but then, i think i like the Wondering more
    than i would knowing. they are totally and
    completely great!!! really like the finishing

  6. Hi Grace...thank you! Actually, Why Nurses? is a good question...on the first one, I wanted to try writing something and when I asked myself, what should I write?, I realized that I was feeling better about this work, since I was learning how to do these little patchwork beasts. It was supposed to be a butterfly, but when I wrote Feeling Better, it turned into a question, and then somehow the butterfly evolved into a nurse, sort of as a symbol of someone who cares, and the caring takes on different forms, which sometimes don't feel terrific to the patient. My mind suggested the word 'nurse' to me and it went on from there. Well, I hope you're not sorry that you asked...I'm not sure this explanation really explains anything...I agree Wondering is the best. Another the caterpillar evolves into a butterfly, in this case the butterfly evolved into a nurse!

  7. I love your story of how this all evolved. Your nurses are wonderful!!!!

    Jacky xox

  8. Thanks Jacky...I'm having to put them on the back burner for a little while, but they keep calling to me...