Monday, August 16, 2010

Journey to Egypt and back to the garden

On the recent trip to NYC we visited the Metropolitan Museum.  Liam, who is 6, wanted to see the mummies.  I remember being very small and seeing real mummies in the museum.  They were ebony colored and all shriveled and very very fascinating.  Perhaps I made this memory up, because on this trip we didn't see any actual mummies.  But we (I) did become enamored of:

Ceramic tiles from King Djoser's tomb...the lines in between are made from limestone.  I'm not sure who the fine gentleman to the left is.   

Then we happened upon this fragment from Queen Neferu's tomb...they are her protective vulture figures:       

Lastly, here are the pink ladies again.  A better picture I think. They are actually called Naked Pink Ladies...they seem to become a deeper pink with time.  I'd never noticed this before.

Two of my patchwork nurses are nearly done and a third has been started.  That's what's coming up next!
well, maybe.

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