Friday, January 8, 2010

no snow here


Today I worked on this small square.
It is the second of four.

Also, I raked up some leaves and piled them, along with some pomegranate skins,  on top of some silk and part of an old shirt, in the hopes that it will turn an interesting color if it stays there long enough.   Topping it off are some apple branches sprinkled with water in case it doesn't rain any more today like it is supposed to. It's an experiment.

I love reading the postings about snow back east and elsewhere.  We have no snow here, but...this is Earnest. He is not snow, but he is as white as snow.


  1. We haven't had snow where I live in Austin for years, and I always hope for just one snowfall every year. It is very cold today, 19 degrees! Best wishes on your new blog! Mine is very new, too, and it has been a lovely journey. xo Kari