Monday, January 18, 2010

Donkeys and Crows plus

This is a work in progress.  The farm I love to visit has donkeys.  One day during Christmas I stepped outside thinking I heard the donkeys braying, but it was a big flock of crows.  They both have nice raspy voices, and it was the time of the blue moon, so I've been thinking about all that.  Then today, because of a post on (January Thaw) I realized there are 2 ancient dresses far back in the closet that I believe were my grandmother's.  We called her Ninawr.  They are stained and not really wearable so perhaps I will put them to use as elements to enhance these cloth pictures, as I used fragments of her shawl in the frog bookmark.  Here is what they look like right now. I am showing them like this because I don't want to think of them as dresses or it will be too hard to borrow from them.

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  1. hey, great! see? instant stash... i don't mind cutting old things, it helps them continue and have new life...