Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A bookmark frog

Yesterday I made this little frog.  It took 2 days, because the first day was spent trying to come up with a good plan.  Today I put on the backing and will mail it to my aunt who has always made hand-made gifts for us all.  I wrapped a little bit of my grandmother's shawl around the top and bottom. 

I bought the background wool at

The idea for a bookmark came from


  1. i love the bits of shawl...a nice touch and a nice gidt

  2. Thanks Jude! This shawl has been hidden away for all these years, cause it's falling apart; now I can love it all over again and remember my grandmother with every stitch.

  3. This is lovely Suzanna - and thank you for the comment on my blog ... the stitching community grows which is fabulous :)