Sunday, July 30, 2017

July's four

Hello everyone.  Referring back to my last post, in which I outlined a plan for the next six months, here are the 4 watercolors, with their explanatory haiku, created for the July offering.

Tired of argument
all ears fly off to the school
called Listen in Heart.

and elephant ears
fly off on prevailing winds.
This is a problem.

The ears mingling on
the planet of listening
acclimate slowly.

So hard to listen.
Words shoot like bullets from an
unprincipled heart.

Each 5" x 7" print (on archival paper) costs $20.  Half of this will go to the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California  I am particularly interested in supporting immigrants rights in agricultural areas.  
If this interests you, please contact me via the email address in my complete profile, and if
you have any difficulty reaching me, please alert me to the problem in the comments!
We will use PayPal, as that is the safest and easiest.

I hope you have had a good July and are heading into an August full of pleasant surprises! Love, S.
P.S.  In case you are wondering how Gilly is...she is doing well!  The operation was a success and we are working on strengthening her hindquarters. 

words and images © suzannaklein 2017


  1. GREAT news about Gilly! Pats to her preciousness, plz
    message coming about a print ..... ;>))

    1. Gilly says thank you...we are both very grateful for modern veterinary medicine. And I say thank you too!

  2. nice to have you back to blogland. Love your fund raising idea - sending an email.

    1. Thank you, Jean. Yes, I have missed blogland, and this plan is slowly working...

  3. I think the haiku are brilliant. Keep hopeful! In Australia some hard rethinking is going on across the country and I am feeling things opening up to change.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth...yes, I do every now and then feel a bit hopeful! It's a long slog...