Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How it was, and Is.

Hello everyone.  The show opening went well!  It is easier to talk about my work in my imagination than it is in reality, but this was an opportunity to practice.  There were many artists in the show and each one brought 2 food items, so there was interesting delicious food and a lovely band.  My friend Marge graciously took these photos, as I was so occupied with talking.  Here are the 4 pictures I contributed:

This one is called "Too Much Phone":

More on the subject of this series can be found at  

Lately I've been sitting outside on my back porch at sunset time, listening to the birds and maybe working...this is the tree behind my studio at this time...someone told me this light is called 'alpenglow'...I love that word, even though I am nowhere near the Alps...

And then this...a minute later:

And lastly, here is Zoe, in her basket...she is visiting for a short while.  She's 15 and very sprightly, although you wouldn't necessarily know it from this picture:

That's all for now...may tax-time tax you lightly...xoxo...


  1. Congratulations - they look great. I like the way you have mounted them too. Gilly

  2. Thank you Gilly! It's all a bit experimental...

  3. Congratulations Suzanna! Love your Opie series. The Bluebird one lifting him out of the familial nest is my favourite!

  4. The work looks good - I wish I could have been there!

  5. Thank you Elizabeth...I wish you could have too! That would be so lovely...

  6. Congratulations on your show. Beautiful photos of the tress and such a sweet dog.

  7. Thank you Phyllis...I love watching the changing light...I have a tiny back yard, but so much happens in it...