Sunday, March 27, 2011

Strange timing

The day after little Agnes died, I learned that 4 of my art pieces had been accepted in a local Cartoon and Humorous Art show.  One featured her as a character in a painting.  It was impossible to be very happy at that point, but I was grateful to have the work to do to ready the pictures for the show.  I had the pictures, which I'd painted using Photoshop, printed on silk, and then I mounted them on white needle felted wool, so that the effect would be soft.  Yesterday, I delivered them to the gallery, but took this picture can see her little face, and the carved rock which the veterinary hospital sent to me, as well as the Keep Calm Carry On water bottle my son sent.  Once the show opens I'll post a photo of the least I think I will...I am a big worrier about how they will look in public.  Anyway, all this has been therapeutic and a month has gone by, which is astonishing. 

That's all for now...


  1. a tribute to agnes. it looks beautiful. such vibrant colors. i'm sure that everyone who attends the show will love it.

  2. Thank you Deanna...I hope so. I'm hoping soon to make a larger portrait of her...

  3. Not that anything really IS fathomable, but lately...

  4. It will be a nice way to share your happy memories of Agnes with everyone. I am sure
    her tail would be wagging :)

  5. Hi Marie...thank you! One of her many nicknames was Aggie-Waggie...

  6. Not strange at all... for Ms. Agnes touched
    your life is so many ways and continues
    to do so!
    I do hope you decide to post the photo
    of your art work in the show!
    Pretty. Please.
    My brother surprised me by including my (dog)
    Rufina, in the 2nd children's book that
    was published! She will always be part
    of my story telling.

  7. Hi Cristina...I do promise to post the photos...maybe I'll take Camera to the opening...that might help with the nerves. I'm curious about the book...what is the name? What a treat that Rufina is in it!