Wednesday, February 23, 2011

To the farm

Hello everyone...on Sunday we went to the farm.  First there was snow on Mt. Diablo, an unusual sight, the snow, that is:

Then comes all this beautiful green grass on the windmill pass into the Great Valley:

And here is the river my friends live next to...all swollen with the winter rains...just a little more water and they would have to evacuate, but so far the storms are spaced far enough apart that they're safe.  As I write this, I'm thinking of my friends in Australia and New Zealand who are getting the brunt of the worst.  My prayers go there.

I finished basting a big panel for my grandson's quilt and have started outlining the letters using one of the techniques taught by Jude in the boro class:

And here is Agnes, all snuggled up next to the the thread nest.  She's resting up for the big Dental Experience she'll be having next week at the animal hospital.

That's all for now!


  1. Dear Suzanna, that is a beautiful place you are visiting. Thank you for your kind thoughts for people here.

  2. You're welcome, just seems so overwhelming and I well remember the big earthquake we had one year and then the next a huge fire in the hills. I guess everywhere has its hazards, but your part of the world has been receiving an awful lot of difficulty all at once.

  3. Oh, Suzanna, what a lovely trip...and what views. Your grandson's quilt is going to be such fun for him. I'm afraid I haven't done any of the "homework" for Jude's class...I've become too involved in stitching my rusty piece.

  4. Hi Penny...I know, I'm so glad there are the pdf's and videos from class, because I'm way behind in terms of projects...glad you stopped by...

  5. the landscape is breathtaking.
    several years ago while my parents were
    living in Barbados we befriended a sweet
    couple from Christchurch. They have been
    heavy on our minds this week.
    love the trim on your quilt, too!

  6. that's all for now
    well...that's a LOT. esp. Agnes' upcoming.

    it's very enough and quieting, and thoughtfully
    soothing, really.

  7. Dear Grace, I'm glad you stopped by...Agnes isn't the least bit nervous about this event...just me! So I'm making a new name plate for her stay busy...HA! I really like what you're doing with your big cloth...very inspiring!

  8. so sorry to hear about Agnes. thinking about what a loss you must feel. hope you will keep good memories of her in your mind.

  9. Dear Deanna, thank you so much. I do have so many good memories...