Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day

Here is the groundhog playing catch and release with his shadow:
I love this holiday so much because it's about an animal and The Shadow, and light and dark.  It's also celebrated as Candlemas and St. Brigid's Day...it's midway between the solstice and the equinox.

Interestingly enough, along with my contemplations about The Shadow etc., three important light fixtures have gone on the blink:
This dangles from the kitchen ceiling while I take multiple trips to the hardware store to learn how to change the bulb...

This is the light by my sewing nest and due to a weak connection I guess, it just won't stay on. It is really on the blink.

On this overhead light, for some reason, the bulb has broken and so I must use needlenose pliers to carefully unscrew it.  My advisor says to wear gloves while doing this. Luckily the hardware store is only 10 minutes away.

So I wish each of you an enlightening Groundhog Day...shadow or no shadow.

That's all for now.


  1. Love the felted groundhog.
    Do be careful with all those light fixtures.
    The "timing" of such things always makes
    me wonder? Good luck!

  2. i love your little groundhog...

  3. Marie, yes, definitely I'll be cautious. I have lots of respect and gratitude for electricity...as well as trepidation...

  4. It IS all about the light! Lights on the blink -- hmmm -- what does that mean? Is there a new connnection in your life that's not quite fully there yet? Sort of an off-and-on thing that needs some helping along? I always wonder what these kinds of things mean. Sorry if you're not into that!

  5. And I like the groundhog/shadow imagery, too!

  6. These are very good questions! I'm always trying to look at that angle...thanks!