Thursday, April 22, 2010

Respite from travel

Ah, I am home for a while!  It was a long drive to Tucson and back but worth it for happy glimpses of family and scenery.  I will post some pictures later on, but for now here are the two pieces I've been working on, slowly making progress.
I've just pinned the sunshine and rainclouds on, but this morning I stitched the right hand cloud down a little:

That is silk gauze that I dyed a very pale blue.


  1. Love the colors on the top quilt...
    Looks like a sunny day for the farm
    quilt! Nice touch!

  2. Ancientcloth...thanks for visiting...I've been trying out Jude's techniques of is giving the "meaning" layers also, as well as the cloth. It surprises me!

  3. I'm glad you're back! And I love that you "pinned the sunshine and rainclouds on." Oh, that needs to be pinned up somewhere, for sure! I think I will spend today pinning up sunshine and moonshine and a little rainshine, too, in all my rooms, and maybe outside in the yard, and up and down the streets, too!! xo Kari

  4. Yay Kari! The world definitely does need that!

  5. Hi Suzanna! Thank you for stopping by! Your artistry is stunning!

  6. The silk gauze creates such interesting layers...