Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Call of the wild

Last night at 3 a.m. my dog Agnes began barking and jumping up and down on top of me.  Wearily, since she would not respond to my pleas that she focus on sleep, I arose to switch on the back yard light;  there were the wild raccoons mating in the moonlight.  It seemed voyeuristic to watch them too much so I switched off the light and tried to go back to sleep, but Agnes would have none of that and kept barking...she levitates a little with each bark and it is very cute, but it was so late.  One of the raccoons came over, put its' nose to the French door and watched her.  But for the glass, they were inches apart.  Agnes loved this. So, I think, did the raccoon. Eventually the wild beasts retreated and sleep returned.  Sorry, I could not take a picture!  Too much reflection. So instead, here are just 3 photos from my trip to Tucson.  More soon.

I wanted to drive down the east side of the Sierras to see the escarpment...that is where the Sierras rise up in sharp contrast to the geologically downward motion of the Owens Valley.  I hope I am describing this correctly.  I decided to take highway 50 and some other smaller roads to cross the Sierras (instead of Route 80, which is straighter).  Therefore it was a little scary at times! in terms of curvy roads and breathtaking vistas involving height.  So here are some samples:

Above is a turn-out.  I am not a fast driver in the best of circumstances, but this sort of situation brings out the snail in me and I'm happy to let the faster folks go by.  We are going East through the beautiful Sierra Mountains.

This is the same situation, looking in the other direction.  Can you imagine what it was like coming through here in a stage coach??

This is the escarpment! The eastern side of the Sierras.  They rise up in all their glory out of the more desert-like valley of Nevada.   I went to a little quilt store in this town...the Quilt House (Gardnerville, Nevada) and bought some fat quarters of flannel with pine cones and the like.


  1. What a cool experience to have, for you and your dog! We had something similar once, involving skunks in our driveway. We actually needed to get in the car, to get my daughter to an airplane. We had to wait till the happy couple bumbled out of the way!

  2. Skunks! That would be a little daunting.

  3. Suzanne,
    Love your photos, your stories, and the image of the raccoon pressing its nose to the glass.

    Eva S.

  4. Thank you Eva. I'm glad you stopped by.

  5. What a BEAUTIFUL story with lovely photos! It reminds me of driving West over the Sierras in my return to California. The lesser roads are gifts, aren't they? xoxoxo to you!

  6. These photographs from your trip are magnificent. It is wonderful to know these mountain ranges are still there in all their glory. But you must tell Agnes that, even so, she managed to steal the show: I am so enjoying the image of her levitating with each bark! And I am glad your raccoons were not skunks, as Karen described!! xo Kari

  7. Agnes can go from deep snoring to loud protective barking in a VERY short time. It is so startling! She is a tiny little mite of a girl and this morning in the dog park she took on a huge puppy (part mastiff and the other part Great Dane; his name was Mellow) who was being a little too playful. She snarls and snaps and shows her itty bitty teeth. Luckily the owner, who was also large, leashed it up quickly and we went our separate ways.

  8. I have driven over roads just like that!
    With almost no guard rail...scary!
    but, beautiful! Looks like you had
    a fun trip :)

  9. Hi Marie, it was a lovely trip...I'd like to go back to that scenery someday. Spring was a good time of year to go because there weren't too many cars on the road and folks behind me hoping I'd go a little faster.