Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello Shadow

It's Groundhog Day! (Tuesday, February 2, 2016)  This year, to celebrate, I stitched a groundhog,  and mounted it in a frame with no glass. It's home-dyed fabric which I scrunched up a bit, inspired by one of Grace's recent pieces. 

I also had the idea of making a stuffed groundhog, sort of like the Christmas donkey (earlier post). With that in mind I made this fellow out of air-drying "clay" (it's not really clay but was easy to work.  The smell was rather poor though):
The plan is to drape the cloth around him (her?) and then stitch it up, sort of like molding a dress on a dress form. I'm not at all sure this will work, and I do want to find out, but ran out of time for now. 

Liz wanted to see some detail from grandson's quilt.  Here are 2 of the squares, hand-pieced and quilted:

This last photo is of the back, to show the family hand prints that were the quilting pattern. I quilted it once from the back and once from the front because it was a little too thick to make the stitches on the front look ok on the back. I learned so much on this project. What will be next? (Maybe some smaller pieces.)

Well, just to bring things full circle, here is Gilly with her groundhog--

There is another plan for tomorrow, which is to do some stitching in public.  That is, to go to a cafe to work on a stitching project.  It's so different from working at home, and I like to see the people on their computers looking a bit curious about hand-work.

Well, happy Groundhog Day to you and if you have encounters with your shadow, I hope they will bear good fruit. 
~~xoxo, s. 


  1. love this little cloth beast...LOVE
    the shadow
    happy that i gave you an idea...
    and stitching in public...SMILE!!

    1. Hi Grace...Thank you! Sorry to be so late in replying, but am very grateful for your visits!

  2. wonderful stitched groundhog and it's tiny shadow. Gilly is looking a little doubtful. Don't think there is any chance of my seeing my shadow today. Sunny days to you.

    1. Thank you, Jean! I think Gilly is looking doubtful because her groundhog is not nearly as interesting to her as it was before she took the squeeker out.

  3. happy groundhog day to you ! 39 years ago i gave birth to my daughter .. so its a good day for me .

    1. Hi Kathy, sorry for this VERY late reply. What a lovely day for having a baby! Mid-winter cheer...