Saturday, April 25, 2015

Resuming trip

Hello everyone: my train has just left Milwaukee...this is the Menominee River...we didn't stop long enough to have a look at the station, although we did have a chance to walk about a bit. 

Family visit was grand. There was some face and leg painting. 

I worked a bit on a very small ode to spring...

Spring was glorious:

This was taken in the very early morning. 

It rained!

On Earth Day I was invited to read at grandson's school:

This is where I am right now!
Still in Wisconsin. 

More soon. xoxo, s. 


  1. Wish I could be travelling with you! I read that Amtrak sponsored a writer (some writers?) to travel days on their trains and just write what came as they travelled. You can do so much - or very little - on a train.

    1. Hi would be wonderful if you could could be makes my eyes so happy to be seeing these changing landscapes all day. You would love it! There was a writing residency last year...they had so many entries they asked people to stop sending them in. Then I didn't hear any more about it...I'll have to investigate further. Meanwhile, am off for a walk by the river in Portland, OR.

  2. Lovely Suzanna, to be stitching "on the road" ..... (track that is)
    Have a good time ;-)

  3. Hi Els! It was a good trip...taken awhile to adjust to being home again, but finally I feel like I'm settling in.