Monday, February 9, 2015


Hello everyone. Well, as mentioned in the previous post, the California Groundhog spent a fair amount of his hibernation praying for rain. And it rained!!! So he has been awarded a Gold Star! He doesn't really understand, hence his puzzled expression. He says,"I was only doing my duty as a citizen." A humble and modest citizen who deserves to be rewarded for spending his time well.

There was much rejoicing over the rain, which appears to have stopped, but we were glad for every drop!

Raindrops appeared elsewhere:

Gilly helped me in the garden...the weeds are weeded so easily when the ground is wet.  Afterwards she rested.  As did I.
That's all for now!  xo, s


  1. love your creatures - singing in the rain.

  2. Thanks, Jean! Now we're back to looking to the horizon for more rain, and saving water...

  3. hahahahah, he is very funny!

    your storytelling in stitches is extraordinary, i love it all

    1. Hi Saskia...thanks! Am really enjoying doing all this stitching...wish I had more time...