Thursday, November 6, 2014

post trip post

Hello everyone.  I am home again and glad; it was a very good trip, just a little longer than usual. I thought I'd start with a painting I did years and years ago...every now and then I feel like bringing out the paints again, but not yet.  They are still sitting on the shelf. Waiting...

And just a very few highlights from the trip (I took most of my photos with the ipad, but I haven't learned yet how to post them, so we have to make do with regular camera pix, leaving out fun times in New Jersey altogether, alas):

Going east, color in Colorado:

The painted mountains at Glenwood Springs, Colorado...all the color had faded by the time I came through heading west:

Here is the beach at Truro, on Cape Cod, where we had our 52nd!!! high school reunion:

In the brand new Denver train station there are many wonders...pastry for example.  You will not find these on Amtrak unfortunately, because of cost cutting, but how wonderful it would be if that were to change...

Most of the time I've been quilting on my grandson's quilt, but I also began this story cloth...

this one is a memory of spring:

And here is Gilly, also glad to be home...snoozing of an evening...

That's all for now.  Love and xxx's, ~S.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Jude...I'm trying to listen closely to what it wants me to do next...

  2. i love it ALL and Gilly....she looks WILD

  3. Oh love your critters...all of them!

  4. Hi Deb! Thanks! Glad you like 'em!

  5. Suzanna, you beat me to it! I haven't seen the new Union Station yet but hear it's grand. I love both the cloths you're working on!

    1. Peggy, it really is! There is even a Tattered Cover Bookstore, right in the station, but the train doesn't stop there at the right times to go in! I will have to plan a stopover to do more exploring.

      I am really really enjoying working on the embroidery...