Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Outlined in gold

Happy 3 day old new Year!  I am still a little wobbly from the "holidays".  Christmas at the farm was peaceful and deep.  Here is Bird in the early morning fog:

nearby, up in the tree-top:

by the roadside, on my way home:

And something I made last year, one from a little series of "horse-hearts":
I had a sale in December and it went well.  Next year I want to find a way to enjoy the season more, feel less nervousness, more trust.  There is conflict in me about selling, but I love the pieces to go out into the world.  Maybe do the selling earlier in the season so most of December is about giving, relaxing...is it possible to relax in December?

Well, that's all for now...I hope 2012 is going well so far for each of you...xoxo, S.


  1. that first image is beautiful. know how you feel about selling. i haven't done it yet but think about it.

  2. Thanks Deanna. Mostly my selling experiences have been good, but sometimes it's a roller coaster, and I have to struggle to detach...

  3. I like your horse head piece, Suzanna! I can imagine it's stressful to put so much of your time and self into a piece and then let it go -- and that would be many times over with many pieces. Hope you have a wonderful January!

    P.S. I love my bee!

  4. Hi Peggy...thank you! I'm so glad you like the bee...Well, the hard part for me about selling isn't so much letting them go...I love thinking of them flying out of the nest and settling somewhere new...but I worry so much about the mechanical things...taxes, percentages, have I done all that correctly...aargh!! But it gets easier with practice.

  5. Hi Suzanna, it looks so peaceful and nicely chilly up your way. Have you got any knitting underway yet? It's too hot for knitting here now, but your weather looks just right. Maybe it's impossible to relax in December, but I hope you have a lovely,quiet New Year.

  6. Hi Elizabeth...well, I'm not much of a knitter, truth to tell, even though there's a wonderful yarn shop just around the corner from me. It might be a good idea to get a little knitting project going...I love the chilly weather! Hope your New Year is starting off nicely; I admire that you do all that baking for Christmas, even though it's summertime there now...

  7. suzanna, your work is always inspiring and full of joy! it's one of my favorite things to do...visit your blog and sift through your posts, finding new vantage points from which to view your beauties...

    i, too, struggle with the selling bit. i would like to say that it was for such noble and selfless reasons...but sometimes it is for very selfish reasons...not wanting to let go of some things. i try to simply allow them residency for a short time before releasing them into the wilds. sometimes through my online shop. sometimes through guerrila artfare tactics. other times through galleries and specialty shops. but it's difficult. it's like sending out one's children into the world when you really just want to snuggle them by the hearth and read them stories...


  8. Hi Joe, it's good to hear from you and I'm glad to hear you say that about wanting to snuggle them by the hearth...I guess it's the process of selling that is so challenging...sometimes I love the conversations I have with people and sometimes I feel so drained I just want to curl up in a ball. A couple of hours of being 'out there' is ok, but oh I do miss my burrow, my nest! I'm glad I'm not the only one...