Saturday, December 10, 2011

Moony moon

Hello Everyone,

Because of Jude's posting about the video on Glennis' website, I decided to make an adventure of seeing the lunar eclipse this morning.  I set 2 alarms, but could hardly sleep for fear I'd miss the show.  At about 3 a.m. the full moon was high and bright in the sky, but clouds were hovering.  This is the first photo I took at 5:06 a.m...

Here is the second, at 5:51:

This is the last I was able to take, at 5:53:

I wish I could show you how it looked suspended in the sky, glowing as if lit from within, but my camera couldn't pick up the soft light.  I was down at the dogpark, where many had gathered for viewing.  One couple had a special viewer set up for a close up look.  Oh what a magical sight...our moon, waiting out earth's shadow.   Shortly after 6:30, it became impossible to see any more of the display because of the haze, so I visited the water birds who were getting ready for their day:

Yesterday, I picked one of the last persimmons (sigh) with the picker:

and finished up the felted "Oystercatchers having a discussion about their relationship", to prepare for Open Studios this weekend!

That's all for now.  Have a weekend to remember fondly, hopefully...


  1. oh thanks for those eclipse shots. it was much too overcast here for the partial that would have been visible.

  2. I'd have loved to see the moon after it got re-lighted by the sun, but feel really lucky to have seen this much, especially since it really looked for a while as though the clouds were going to move in...

  3. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas weekend, see you next year :-)

  4. Thank you so much Karen...all the best to you this season...

  5. Hi comment has been delayed by escalating tasks, but now there is a window of time to say thanks for stopping you have oyster catchers in your part of the world? I have fancified them a little here, but they really are quite extraordinary in real life.

  6. How beautiful... I am bummed I missed it!

  7. I usually miss astronomical events but this time I went to all sorts of effort to make sure I was there...getting up several times during the night etc., and I was so lucky that there was no cloud cover...