Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Celebrations

Hello everyone... it's not even quite the middle of August and the days seem so much shorter, the light hinting at autumn.  When I was little, a very long time ago, the summer was full of birthdays, and it still is so, even if some of the dear ones I celebrate have moved on into the zone of mysteries.  Lately my love of geometry has been reviving so I made this caprese salad, using a tiny heart cookie cutter to shape the mozzarella!

Since my family has been visiting, I cleaned up my car...this is the still life I composed for the's a celebration of my trip to Mt. Lassen (pine needles, piece of bark and some dancing lichen) and the jacaranda blossoms that fall into one of my favorite parking spots. I like having this in front of me especially in times of annoying traffic.

Here is a frog I made in celebration of my Auntie's 90th birthday!  She likes frogs.  I won't be going to the event itself because my family has a fishing trip lined up.

Lastly, here is the geometric assortment that assembled in the sink after my birthday celebration!  I am now 67!  Sorry not be giving a view of the pie and the cake, but I was too busy eating and being merry.  I was not allowed to do the dishes...only take the picture...

That's all for now...


  1. Thanks Angela! He's on his way to Arizona...

  2. Happy Happy Happy Birth Day Suzanna!!!!!!!!!

    oh, that frog's sweet lips...i would kiss
    and see what happened...such a beautiful
    frog. your Auntie and i love the same....

  3. Hello Grace...thank you thank you! I thought you might like the frog! I wonder if he will turn into a prince somewhere in a post office between here and AZ? or maybe on my Auntie's birthday...that would be a big surprise for everyone!

  4. You are brilliant Suzanna! Froggie's delicate details must be very difficult.

  5. Happy birthday indeed! Thank you for sharing the party - and the frog!

  6. Hi Penny...thank you...well, I used to fuss more about anatomical correctness, but these materials don't allow me to and so I can relax more and really enjoy the process. Trying to learn to 'suggest' more, instead of spelling details out too exactly...hope that makes sense...

  7. Elizabeth...glad you're back! I love your train posting...Yes, the party...I try to make birthday glow last as long as possible! I like small parties best. Would rather have several small ones than one big one I think...

  8. Happy birthday a little late, Suzanna! That caprese salad is so beautiful, the plate is perfect for salad or cake or whatever! Sweet frog for her it. I used to have a car with an altar, I called it. Now there's not a place for one, darn it. See you.

  9. Hi Peggy, thank you! I like the idea of calling my dashboard still-life an altar...especially since it serves that purpose...with that in mind perhaps I will make one for the passenger too.

    The bottom picture is actually 3 plates stacked together!