Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well, now I'm in Washington, D.C. remembering the wonderful day at the beach with my family.  This is Belmar, New Jersey...the ocean was pretty rough but what a good time we had.  Haven't done too much stitching lately because of the incredibly good company I've been keeping.


  1. ah, sun and sand! the ocean has been dangerously rough these past days.....

  2. Well, Suzanna, if you get near Smithfield, Va
    please email me and we'll share a meal and
    we sew together. We're near Williamsburg.

  3. Hi Jude...Now I am back home in the Wild West thinking longingly of that day at the beach...but so glad to be home.

  4. Oh Patty, that would've been lovely...I'm home now so unfortunately I can't...the closest I came was Washington DC for just 3 hours, but perhaps another time...I would love to meet you!

  5. suzanna..thank you for looking at the doll
    "beings" today...the timing was impeccable
    to my process with the patchwork pattern...
    thank you for liking them. i made hundreds.
    they supported me for periods of time.

  6. They are very very easy to like, and to be led into story...I think they have created a great deal of companionship...during the making and the owning. Also an interesting transition now from 3-D to more one plane (2-D?) but the cloth gives it an even other dimension.